Well run organisations have a higher chance of attracting funding as funders and commissioners are more likely to invest in organisations and projects that they feel confident in.

The CVS Cheshire East GRIPP Assurance process has been developed to help small and medium sized local organisations demonstrate that they are well run and have effective and efficient systems and procedures in place.
This is a step towards a quality mark, and will help you explain to funders, or in a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire exactly how you ensure that you are a high quality, fit for purpose and a well run organisation.
Representatives from Cheshire East Council, local Clinical Commissioning Groups, the Fire Authority and the Police & Crime Commissioner have been consulted about and contributed to the development of the CVS Cheshire East GRIPP Assurance process.
They have expressed the hope that organisations will take this opportunity to demonstrate that they are well run organisations.
Cheshire East Council have recently embedded the GRIPP Assurance process in the development of their Community Hub initiative.

GRIPP Assurance starts out with a self-assessment of your organisation looking at the key documents that you should have in place and how your organisation is run. 
One of our team of Development Officers will support you though this process and if you have elements that you need to work on, we can help with that too.
Once you are confident that you have everything in place, this is then collated into evidence to submit for assessment.

The evidence required will be proportionate to the size and nature of the organisation and the assessment is carried out by a CVS Cheshire East manager who has not been involved in the process, and so can have an independent view.

Once the assessment has been passed, organisations will be awarded a GRIPP badge of certification which will stay in place for three years.

For a quick, fast and  easy way to evaluate your organisation's current potential for qualifying for GRIPP Assurance you can use our GRIPP Online Health Check Tool found HERE

For more information or if you would like your organisation to become GRIPP ASSURED please contact us at CVS Cheshire East
01270 763100