Following work that CVS undertook in early 2018 to raise the profile of the effect of the budget cuts on the Early Help Services delivered by the VCFS.  The Chief Executives Network met and discussed how they felt the Council percieved them and there was a desire to work more closely with the Council and raise the profile of the VCFS and in particualr how we could, if given time and support, help the council meet some of its challenges around reduced funding and increasing demand for services. 


Update: 10/09/18

CVS has been supporting Cheshire East Council with training and information for the Councillors that will be on the panels reviewing the bids to the fund. 


Some additional information we have is that:

  1. Each of the 7 areas will set their funding priorities in October
  2. The fund is expected to open in November 
  3. The fund is expected to close at the end of December
  4. The areas will meet in January to make awards


Updated: 08/08/18

We attended and supported the facilitation of the Early Help Framework provider meeting where the two initial contracts were disucssed with the providers.


Some summary information is that:

There is a cut off date of 20th August for existing providers to return their completed ICT sections and signed contracts.  This has to happen for any opportunities to be issued through the framework


Dates for tenders are:

Update 08/08/18

We attended a meeting today with representatives from the LEP and local authority who are developing a bid to access ESF funding to disucss the potential of a grant scheme.  What was agreed from the meeting was that rather than a grant scheme the model being developed would have the opportunity, through a framework, for VCFS organisations to apply to deliver specific services to meet the clients needs.  

Community JSNA – Louise Daniels

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment……It may not sound exciting…but it brings about change!!

I am part of a small team at CVS (Louise Daniels and Suzanne Thomas) that tries to find answers to commissioners’ questions about the health and wellbeing needs of the communities in Cheshire East.