The CVS Voice of the Sector would like to establish the reach of our member organisations. We'd like to know which networks/high level meetings our members are a part of to help us in our work.

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Here is a report from Graham Phillips  our new sector representative on the Local Safeguarding Children's Board 

Local Safeguarding Children’s board (LSCB)

May Report


The LSCB is a statutory body responsible for overseeing those responsible for

safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and to ensure the effectiveness of what is done in Cheshire East. It brings together professionals and volunteers to improve the protection of children and young people.


What is your organisation's experience of our local public sector ? We are talking here about our local Council, health bodies such as the local Clincial Commissioning groups, the Fire Authority and the Police and Crime Commissioner 

Do you have anything to get off your chest about the way in which decisions are being taken in these organisations  , or about how local services are being run ?

What is the impact on those your charity is set up to help ?